Nutrisystem The Beginning!

Well Ladies and gentlemen i've taken the plunge and joined the Nutrisystem nation!

My food arrived today and i am a bit excited and nervous at the same time. I like so many women struggle with weight gain after having my babies. I have done many programs like P90X and The Shred with temporary success because of my eating habits. I really believe Nutrisystem will help me learn all about portion control. 

I know the best food is the one you make fresh from scratch with all the herbs and spices, but lets be real with 4 kids i usually don't have the time to think about me like this. I am ALWAYS on the go and need something quick and easy. At my home we began eating pretty healthy as it is. We hardly buy juice for our children, our bread are wheat and everything is mostly low fat. We eat plenty of fruits and veggies, but i just need structure. I need to learn all about portion control and i believe Nutrisystem will not only help do that but also establish an eating habit for me.

Here's what a month of Pantry ready portion looks like! 

Everything i need from breakfast, lunch, dinner even dessert! Each food category is color coded and labeled!

Here's a month worth of Frozen meals looks like

I am ready and excited. I don't expect the food to taste anything like fresh home cooked meals, i just want it to get the job done. Once i've establish a healthy, portion controlled eating habit i am good to go, for now join me on this 4 month Journey with Nutrisystem. I plan on blogging a and Vbloging all about it!

Disclaimer: Nutrisystem has provided me this program free of charge to participate in Nutrisystem Nation. Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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