Nutrisystem Week 2- I lost 5lbs

As you know i began the Nutrisystem Journey 2 weeks ago, i am going to tell you all about week 1.

First i want you all to know that prior to starting this program i understood a few points, which are helping me get through everyday.
  • Change is not always fun
  • Nutrisystem will teach me all about portion control
  • the food is not the best, but it does get the job done
  • the first few days i will be a little hungry because my body needs to get use to the amount of food it's now consuming daily.
  • It will not be fun, but it will be effective if done correctly
  • Water is my best friend
If you understand these points and accept them before you begin ANY diet, you will be fine and will succeed. 

Alrigtht so week ONE goes something like this.. I lost 5lbs in ONE week!!!! YES, five..Prior to starting this program my family and i had already begun the road to life and fitness. We eliminated SUGAR from our life almost completely. Yes ALL, my kids included. For a period of time we decided to eliminate juice, fried food, fast food and more from our lives (if we choose to eat this kind of food in the future it will definitely be once in a BLUE). My husband has lost about 10lbs so far and my kids look act and feel fabulous. We are a lot more active and less cranky and less distracted (sugar can cause so much damage to a child, we will learn more about this and how you can help your child cut the sugar madness)

So far nutrisystem seems like the right choice for me. The food is not the greatest but is also NOT that bad for the journey. The first 3 days i felt a bit hungry since the portions are so controlled but after day 4, my body got used to it and my brain no longer sends false signals to my belly :)

The pic below shows how un happy and depressed i was just a month and a half ago for my 30th B-day! I mean seriously look what i was wearing!!! Not only that, i was starting to feel physically sick, my back was hurting and my knees were so weak from all the weight i was carrying! Since then i've lost 5lbs

I took this picture below yesterday to show you the difference not only in appearance but my self esteems is slowly getting RIGHT!!!

I am so happy so far and pray that i can continue doing good on this program.. I am going to finish strong, there is no doubt about that. Next post i will show you with details my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack...And of course lots lots of WATER..

Nutrisystem has provided me this program free of charge to participate in Nutrisystem Nation. Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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