Best Gas Bargain Tips

I like like Millions of Americans struggle with high gas prices. This is one my biggest frustration because i am constantly thinking of the things i can do and buy if could just pay less money weekly on gas. According to Federal Highway administration an American family with one car and one SUV or Minivan (which is what i drive) consumes about 1,200 gallos of gas each year. Here's a few steps that i've taken to lessen the amount of money i pay weekly on gas.

1. To get the best bargain, avoid buying gas on the weekends, when most people travel or run errands and gas stations raise prices accordingly.

2. Drive slower. i am not too crazy about this either but it's a proven fact that driving fast will increase the drag (turbulence) and thus increase your fuel consumption

3. Keep your car up to date with a Tune Up A properly maintained engine can improve mileage by up to 4% saving you 8 cents a gallon.

4. Lay Off The Brakes- Riding with your foot on the brake pedal will not only wear out brake
pads but can also increase gas consumption by as much as 35%.

To find the lowest price near your home or job any give day, go to or enter your home or work zip code. These sites being together volunteer "price spotters" who regularly update the sites with prices at local stations.  Word is that you can find the best gas prices on Tuesday!