Dates on a Dime!

Oh date nights how i love thee, yet sometimes i hardly see you or can't afford you! 

I am a mother of 4 with 2 business, yes we live a VERY fast pase life. As i searched for ways to not only spend quality time with my husband i also want to have fun and save money.

I've put together 10 fun dates ideas that will not only add spice to your marriage but will also not break your wallet.

1. A Romantic Evening at Home: You can arrange to send the kids to grandmas house or simply put them to bed nice and early. Plan dinner with your spouse, make a list of what you will cook together and head to the market. Dress to impress (don't forget to wear an apron) Cook dinner and enjoy it by candlelight. Afterward, enjoy a nice dance in your living room and wind down with a romantic movie while munching on popcorn.

2. Go to a Bookstore: There's something about books stores that screams peace and romance :)  Grab your partner and enjoy a quiet evening skimming through books at the local bookstore while enjoying your favorite beverage (that would be a caramel machiatto for me).  Bookstores are prime locations for inspiration and fantasy.

3. Go Rollerskating/Ice skatingGet your couples skate on at the ice or roller rink, this is a favorite for me and it will cost about $15 for 2 :)

4.  Head to open mic night:  Catching the local talent can be inspiring and downright funny. Check your local entertainment guide for shows in your area. 

5. Good Old-Fashioned Drive inCatching a drive-in movie can be a fun, inexpensive, and romantic get-away. Have a great time with your spouse. Being alone in your own car can make for some great snuggling.

6. Visit your Local Arcade: This can be a fun time with your spouse without getting all competitive and breaking your wallet. Remember is all in good FUN!

7. Game night: Invite your couple friend for a fun Couples date night or simply pull out the cards, puzzle and wine and enjoy a fun evening with your spouse.

8. Go Historical: Take a day and do that historical walking tour of your city or a nearby town. You'll get a little exercise while you're getting a little bit smarter. And it's free. 

9. Sample With a Sip Visit a local winery, vineyard or brewery to enjoy free tastings.

10. Try a Little Culture: Many museums are free, or accept donations; others offer free admission on specific days. Find one near you and enjoy a relaxed evening!

The success of marriage comes not in finding the “right” person, but in the ability of both partners to adjust to the real person they ineveitably realize they married.
John Fischer