Grocery Store Strategies to Save Time and Money!

" I am running to the supermarket, be back in about 20min" That is what i said to my husband this morning at around 10am but there i was stocked shopping cart before me, and a granola bar in hand to satisfy the hunger that was stalking me the whole trip.

The crazy thing is that i know what not to do to end up in these type of predicament yet sometimes i put myself right in the middle of them.

So tonight i decided to remind myself (so at least this does not happen for a while or through the whole 2012) I've put together a few strategies to save time and money at the Grocery Store!

1. Plan your meals – take some time to plan out your meals for the week. You can use programs like Food On the table where you match 3 meals a week with your local grocery store sales. Neat right?

2. Make a List- We all know organization is the key to success, be prepared before you leave your home. Know what you need and what you can afford.

3. Eat before you shop- A walk down the bakery can quickly ignite the appetite and send even the most hardened shopper down the asile grabbing for anything that looks good.

4. Use Coupons- combine a coupons with a sale to save the most. Grab your sunday and grocery store flyers to match sales for that week.

4. Start with produce – fill up your shopping cart or basket with fresh produce (i.e., fruits and vegetables) first since we need about 8-10 servings a day.

5. Stick to the PlanIgnore those clever tag lines of "You saved $x dollars today" You have a plan, a list stick to it and do not get sidetracked! Do you need or want that is the question to ask yourself before getting anything that is not on the list.

6. Make one large trip instead of several small onesEach time you enter the grocery store is another chance to spend. By reducing the frequency of your trips, you’re not only avoiding temptation, but you’re also saving money on overhead (time and fuel).

I am sure there is so much more we can cover that will help us tremendously not only save money but to also live healthy! These few tips work for me most of the time and help me remain focused (for the most part) 

Share your Grocery Store Strategies with us!