Ways to Save Money on a Kids Birthday Party!

My husband and I are big on birthday parties, but we have learned now with 4 kids we need to find way to be more creative about planning and money saving.

For the last year i've been coming up with way to make sure each of my kids have a BLAST on their Birthday but that we also not get into debt or overspend. I've put together a few points that have worked for us this year.

1. Plan ahead. Yes this is the #1 rule on almost all things you do in life. Planning ahead will help you set a budget and picking up deals on presents and decorations when you see them.

2. Have your child write his/her own invitation: I know that matching invites are super cute but let's face all that hard work and effort usually end up in the garbage. Have your child write or draw his own, include all the party details in the bottom photo copy it and call it a day!

3. Dollar Stores are a life saver: Almost every state has their own line of dollar stores. Here we have Dollar tree which is fantastic to buy plates, cups, utensils, balloons and more! All for a $1 or less

4. Choose a free location. Have the party at your home or in a public place that doesn’t charge to use its facilities, such as a park or playground with picnic tables.

5. Don't invite your child's whole class: I am sure your child will name about 3-5 kids that he/she feels comfortable and know that they will have a great time with. This will also save you so much money.

6. Skip the Goody bags: Trust me most moms like me hate these, especially if they are loaded with candy. You can either have one souvenir for each kids or a thank you for coming treat!  Ideas (comic books, Big candy with a ribbon around it, t-shirt)

7. Make your Own Pizza- This one is super easy and money saver. You can have different toppings and they usually cook less than 10min

These are just some ideas i've put together that can help you save on your child's next party. Remember the idea is to have a BLAST and create memories.. Kids are simple, we parents are the ones that usually want to be show off's lol.. 

Tells us what frugal/saving tips and tricks can you add to this list?