Time Management Tips for Moms

Let's face it Time Management is one of the hardest skills to master, especially for moms. Our days are so unpredictable because anything from a sick child or spouse can set a scheduled day right off. But as  hard as it is i have learned that it's so much better to live a scheduled life than one without direction.

In my home we have a schedule from Sunday-Friday, every hour is accounted for. When my husband and i created the schedule i have to admit that the first 2 weeks were a bit hard because we did not like to be on the clock. We now value our schedule and time! It's saved us from living in chaos and without direction. It has also helped our children, they know when and what they need to be doing at all time. 

Here's a few tips i put together that has helped me as a mom save time and organize my days!

1. Create a daily Schedule for your Family: This is at the top of my list because you and your family will live each day with directions and goals- This includes daily chores, homework time, shower etc...

2. Focus on prioritiesLet's face it, it is so much easier to do what we want to do rather then what we aught to do. Always remember to attend to more important things that are of top priority to you.

3. Get organized: We all know a messy home/place drains your time and energy. Organize your home by eliminating any clutter anywhere within your house.

4. Don't be afraid to say NOThings like TV, checking your email every 5 minutes, online or computer games,  and phone calls from chatty friends can be fun but they are also HUGE time wasters.  Don't let any of these time your precious time, remember your priorities are FIRST!

5. Take time for yourself: Take much needed time monthly for YOU. Get a massage, pedicure or schedule a girls night out! 

These are just a few of the top tips for moms who need help with time management. Start implementing these tips into your life and you’ll see a huge difference in the time you have available and all that you accomplish.

Share your helpful time management tips with us!