simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Holder $9.99

I just purchased this simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Holder on Amazon for only $9.99. I needed a place to store my recycle grocery bags aside from my kitchen drawer that looks like a hot mess.

Grab this item for only $9.99 on Amazon. Shipping is free for prime member or with order of $25 or more.

Product Features

  • recycle it!: Store grocery bags neatly and keep them handy for reuse.
  • versatile placement: Mount the grocery bag holder on the wall, under a shelf, or inside a cabinet.
  • slim shape: Slim, space efficient shape fits well in a cabinet
  • easy tuck opening: Tuck bags through the top opening for clutter-free storage.
  • wide dispensing area: Keeps bags handy for reuse.