Ringling Brother Barnum and Bailey Show Review!

Last night I was thrilled with the opportunity to attend the greatest show on earth with my family at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. There was not a moment during the show where my children weren't in awe. The performers were great and kept us on the edge of our seat, especially the skilled tight rope walkers.

The show included all the circus acts you expect to see at the circus and then some. There was so much to see our eyes were everywhere from clowns, acrobatics, Tigers and Elephants. My 3yr daughter favorite part was when the ponies and horses galloped around in a circle as the trainers performed stunts and tricks!

The clowns had the crowd pumping with excitement and laughter, the gentlemen sitting behind us would definitely agree to that :) They did a great job at keeping the crowd entertained as the acts kept rolling in.

And YES my favorite part of the show finally arrived. I was not only amazed to see 15 tigers in ONE cage but also the show these animals put out. I am not going to lie, the whole time my husband and i kept looking at each other thinking "what if" but the trainer's confidence and handling of the tigers really amazed us. Same can be said about the Elephant performance "HOW DO THEY DO THAT" is what i heard my kids saying the whole time. They paraded and performed like nothing we've ever seen before, truly something you have to see for yourself!

The Show ended with an amazing acrobatic performance which not only made me wonder why these performers are not olympian champs. The body strength they posses is something that only the greatest show on earth can display. Ringling Brothers Circus has been around for 140 years definitely making this the BEST circus show ever.

My kids were talking about the the show the whole ride home and woke up this morning sining the Fully charged show theme song. We are definitely going to attend the show next year and cannot wait to see what new exciting thing they add on.

I give the show a A++. My whole family from the youngest to the oldest enjoyed it, you will not be disappointed. The show will be at the Worcester DCU Center in Worcester, MA Oct 3-8th and at the TD Garden in Boston, Ma from Oct 10-14. To purchase Tickets visit or

*Disclosure: I was given tickets to review this show by Feld Entertainment. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own and not from outside sources.