Christian Comic Books For kids

We just returned from our summer vacation to FL and at our visit to Holyland Experience my husband bought 2 books for our boys ages 7 & 12. I decided to write about it because my boys love these books so much they read it in just days. 

My 12yr is read The Kingstone Bible filled with An anthology of several popular comics books from Kingstone that are based on Old Testament stories including The Beginning, Moses, Exodus, Esther, Samson, and Elijah.

My 7yr just finished The Pilgrim's Progress 

In Volume 1, Christian, an everyman character, is the protagonist of the allegory, which centers itself in his journey from his hometown, the City of Destruction (this world), to the Celestial City (that which is to come: Heaven). The allegorical quest for faith-avoiding the Slough of Despond, escaping the temptations of Vanity Fair, and fending off the giant, Despair.

Not only are these books entertaining but they also have a great message. Great add to your current summer reading list.