How we moved out of state with 4 kids in less than 3 months!

When my husband suggested we move I was the first to say NO! I love my community, the kids are settled in school and I DO NOT want to interrupt our lives at this moment. And when he asked me to move out of state I was even more hesitant. 

My husband became a bit more busy with work which forced him to travel to different places, especially Florida. We usually take 1-3 trips yearly to Florida because it's a quick, fun and warm place to visit, especially with children. Every visit we yearned to stay and live our lives there, but 2 weeks after being back home those plans and feelings slowly disappeared until our next trip.

November of 2013 we flew to spend Thanksgiving with family in the Tampa Bay area. I should also add how crazy the winter of 2013-2014 was, not only did it snow A LOT but it was freezing most of the time. And when we returned from our 6 day stay in the sunny side we were convinced and ready to LEAVE.

Execution plan (what worked for us)

Our #1 focus was and is the children, making sure the transition was not only smooth and also, stress free being vital. I spent about 1 1/2 months researching all the different schools in the state and narrowed down the areas where we chose to live in. I then applied to different apartment homes in the areas we selected, we chose a 7 month lease to be sure of the area where we wanted to buy a home and even if we want to buy any property. We then heard back from a few apartment homes, my husband took a trip to see which would be the best for us and made a decision. 

Once we had schools and a home I began packing, selling, packing and more selling. Two weeks before moving day I contacted all schools, let them know we were moving in the next few days and would like to have all papers/records ready for XX day. 

Thank God we had sold one of our two properties and my husband would be traveling back and forth to close out our chapter lived in New England. I wish I could tell you it was that easy and that the children were all on board and ready to go but no! My teenagers cried, kicked and screamed and cried some more... 

But I must report that they are alive and kicking, 8 weeks in our new home and schools we can finally say we are settled in. Our community is super awesome and has made life for us so much better. I have every store you can imagine so close to home, I lack nothing. The schools are at walking distance and our children have even made new friends.

I thank God for not letting fear rob us of this experience. I know transition and change is hard and the fear of the unknown can paralyze us, but the Lord says fear NOT for I am with you.. And goes a long.. Change is good...

I went from this (outside my home in NE)