Tampa: A Day at the Museum Of Science & Industry

We had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa, Fl (a.k.a MOSI) this weekend and boy did we have a great time. Mosi is the largest science center in the Southeast, with more than 450 interactive exhibits, with great staff members and very courteous service.

One of our favorite was the weather exhibit where they simulate various weather scenarios like hurricane, wild fires and tornadoes. My boys also enjoyed the bay news 9 station room, I also think it's pretty neat that a Mosi employee is there to teach you and help you use the equipments. 

One of my FAVORITE and most enjoyed was the Imax movie theater we watched called Island of Lemurs: Madagascar. The film takes you on a spectacular journey to the remote and wondrous world of Madagascar. Lemurs arrived in Madagascar as castaways millions of years ago and evolved into hundreds of diverse species but are now highly endangered. The movie room is very spacious and clean I definitely plan on visiting often to experience other imax films.

The 3rd floor has been remodeled and is where you can learn about the human body and how it works, my children especially my 8yr Jordan were fascinated. We could have easily spent hours in there exploring and reading. The exhibits that contained real human organs was really neat to see. I also liked that there were areas for adolescents as well as for aging adults. So much to learn and see up here! 

I have been wanting to zip line and to tell you I didn't have to wait until our next vacation to finally do it because at Mosi you can enjoy a big rope course and zip line which is located between the museum and the Kids in Charge! My daughter joined me and conquered her fear of heights, she's now ready to zip line through the jungle in the Dominican Republic.

Ever watched the show Myth Busters? Right now through May 8, enjoy the performance from the Discovery Channel’s Emmy-nominated reality television show MythBusters, which aims to confirm or disprove “science’s popular myths” via elaborate and often ridiculous experiments, the pair has performed 793 televised tests so far, resulting in 441 myths busted, 184 confirmed, and 168 plausible. Our favorite was the “Running in the Rain” station which allows kids to test whether or not, when caught without an umbrella, running out of the wet stuff will result in a less-drenched ensemble. I wish we could of seen one of the live myths in action, but unfortunately this was our last exhibit and they were closing the museum. 

My little rock star decided to summit his own myth which i won't share in case it's actually chosen :)

Over all MOSI is a fantastic place for you to bring the whole family. Everyone will have a great time!