This Mommy's Weight Loss Journey- 45 lbs down and Counting!

As I sit here contemplating on my journey I am filled with JOY because i am no longer THAT girl. I have not reached my set goal YET, but I am NOT that girl anymore..

First off let me tell you a bit about myself. I am married to the love of my life, mom to 4 beautiful babies and a stay at home mom for about 15yrs. All my children are 4yrs apart which meant every time things where finally getting "easier" SURPRISE "you're pregnant" AGAIN..  Looking back I regret nothing because the pain and struggle simply made me stronger.

One thing I do wish I changed was my weight because it is the one thing in life that can easily get me in a dark place and because of that I knew I had to do something about it. I began my weight loss journey on March of 2013, I often worked out but never changed my eating habits which is the most important part of weight loss. My husband bought me an elliptical machine about 6yrs ago and I began making good use of it daily. I began with low intensity for about 25 min and slowly increased as my resistance improved. Some days I would burn 500 calories and on my best days I would jump to 1k. I began learning about good and bad food for your body and slowly changed one meal from my daily intake so that my body didn't go into schock lol (find what works for you). Here's a few of the food I eat on a regular and to me it's more delicious and satisfying than any burger and fries. 

Since March 2013 i've lost 45 lbs, I could of lost a lot more but this pace works for me and my busy schedule. As long as i am working of being BETTER everyday I am good. And I will never ever be THAT girl again for only God knows the insecurities, pain, discouragement, depression and overall sadness it brought upon me.

My ultimate goal is to be HEALTHY (and 30 lbs lighter lol) I want to help other women accomplish their weight goals and to be overall HAPPY. This summer I will work on my Personal training certification with all the intention of sharing and helping others feel and look their BEST. If you're struggling with depression due to your weight I encourage you to take baby steps to freedom. The battle begins in your mind.