6 Things i like to do every Morning to Stay Motivated!

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I am constantly seeking and doing new things to keep myself motivated. As a wife and mom of 4 you can imagine how that can be a bit of a challenge yet, so important. One of the things I've been forced to learn is that no matter what you chose to do that day, the day will go on with or without you. That's why i tell myself, why not make it the best YOU can.

Here's 6 tips to things i like to do every morning to stay motivate

1. Take a morning shower: Set the alarm a few minutes earlier to make time for a quick refreshing shower. A morning shower seems to do wonders to my mind and body, and of course awakes me.

2. Make your bed. I know this might seem like one of the least important things to do each day but trust me, it's not. Every time I walk in my room and it's messy,  it clutters my judgement and invites me back in. Remember if anything is going to get done that day, your job there is done until night time.
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3. Read/Meditate: Which ever practice you are comfortable doing to strengthen your mind and soul, do it! I chose the morning hours because it sets way for the rest of the day. Reading not only opens your mind but it also enlarges your vocabulary. Meditating on what you read will help things settle in your mind and soul.

4. Write a to-do list: This has been my ultimate life-saver! Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” I am a true believer of this.

5. Exercise- Workout: Truth is no matter what time you get it done, exercise is proven to be one of the greatest motivators and health benefactors. I prefer and have time to get it done in the mornings, it  helps burn calories faster through the day and clears my mind.
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6. Eat a Healthy meal: Breakfast is definitely one of the most important meals of the day. It fuels your body and provides energy. Make sure you are eating a healthy balance meal fueled with good carbs, fiber and some protein. Breakfast will also stop you from over eating later on in the day.

There you have it! 6 things that work for me to help me pump my days. Find what works for you, write them down and get to it. Remember, if you are not getting better, you are getting worse, no one ever remains the same.